Congratulations Class of 2013!!

Congratulations Class of 2013!!

We started off the day at the Old Kiokee Church.  Darell and Adam gave us the agenda and schedule of events.

History and Quality of Life

Familiarize class with the history of Columbia County and the different facets of the quality of life opportunities offered to our citizens.image

On the grounds of the Old Kiokee Church, John T Y Smith gave us a tour of the church, the cemetery and the old baptism pool.

Visiting the original but renovated Columbia County Courthouse.  Barry Paschal, Publisher of the Columbia County NewsTimes and native of the area shared the history and growth of the county with the class.

Every month we have a little “Teka Time” to learn about a leadership style and improve our communication skills.  Always fun to think “outside the box.”

The Columbia County Historical Society now meets across the street in Appling.  The old Columbia County Jail was a eye-opening tour of how prisoners used to be held when they committed a crime. Dee and Grace sample life behind bars.

Touring the visitors center and getting a brief from the staff.  Beautiful day to be outside and learn about our local history.  Sharing the knowledge and being educated about water safety.

We watched a short video on the history of the dam and the power of hydro electricity.

Next up was a tour of the Lady Antebellum Pavilion and overview of the Park.  The stage was huge with plans for future technology to be added.

It’s hard to believe the year long leadership training is over.  Scott Johnson shared with the class a wrap up presentation for creating a leadership legacy.

After the tour, lunch was provided by Shane’s Rib Shack.  We were able to enjoy the picnic area at J. Strom Thurmond Dam.

Military Day, March 12, 2013

The Leadership Class spent the whole day at Fort Gordon learning from soldiers and re-enacting the life of someone in the service.

Educate the class on key people at Fort Gordon.

Expose the class to the life of a military family and what they face on an ongoing basis.

Introduction by Mr. Nelson Keeler, DCG at Fort Gordon.  Mr. Keeler shared with the class some of his Leadership Tenets.

Listening and learning about the skills it takes to shoot and protect in the military.